Both gallons feel like they are full. One may have been opened, not sure. The color of each one is a different shade of brown and is shown on the label on top of can. I have not opened the cans to check them out but they look OK
I'm thinning out the milkweed in my yard today. I have transplanted them in the past and there is about a 50% recovery rate. You are welcome to all I have today. They are best when transplanted same day.Thanks in advance for helping out the Monarchs.
Curb AlertFree to take Flush steel entry door slab - size 32x80 storm door size - 36x80please contact me thru Craigslist rely only for address ONLYAll other inquiries will be ignored and or reported as spam
I have some Free Girls clothes..that was bought from a local Church. If Your Family could REALLY use them please Reply. I will respond when and where to pick them up.Thanks
Hi there,I have some clean dirt if you can come get it. You must pick up dirt at location in Williams Bay, Dartmouth Woods. I may have a loader here to load your dump with. Thank you CharlieCall me at 847- six one two - two two three four
It was leaking through the bottom by reset switch.I replaced it with a new disposal but I heard that the old ones are worth something to people.Free. Of no use to me.Can leave it at my job in Darien so you dont need to travel so far if you are from Delevan.
FREE FOR THE TAKING- YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO LOADHAUL Anyone need them for fill Able to repurpose themLarge concrete slabs ranging in size approx up to 5ft x 5ft.This pile has been sitting like pictured when we purchased our home. We dont know what its from ect. We have heard that its possible this pile was used to cover an old well. This is free for the taking. Again these are large pieces and ...
I have some used motor oil if anyone can use it. Probably 5-6 gallons. Just motor oil not mixed with anything. Just let us know when you can get it and we will leave it out for you. Thanks