Hitachi 50 Big Screen TV FREEWorksThis IS NOT a flat screenYou must be able to move out of basement and haul away. This will require use of an appliance dolly.Please text between 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. only.
I have probably 20 or 30 yards of fill for free, lots of rocks and gravel, you haul, I may be able to load depending on schedule. Let me know how much you want Culvert not included but is for sale.
I ordered a bunch of beads and they came packed in this beautiful pink shredded paper. Before I recycle it I thought Id see if anyone could use it for gift baskets or something it nearly fills a Woodmans bag. First person who can pick it up can have it.
FREE rocking chair in Fort Atkinson The rocker is in need of removing old glue and re-gluing and also possible some spindle repair or replacement. The chair is at least 40 years old.
Free outdoor goldfish to good homes. I have 19 little ones. Might be white, orange, orangewhite. First come first serve. Sorry if I dont respond immediately I usually get a lot of inquiries when I do this.
Free walnut tree looking for someone to cut down walnut tree for the wood the tree is free for the cutting the stump does not have to be removed.must be insured call or text norm thanks
FREE composting material I have a wheel barrow and tarp to get it from the back to the driveway. Its mostly browns, one end is decomposing greens needs to be mixed. Ran out of time last year to burn the leaves or do something with them. they arent mulched up yet either. we also have a lot of stickscypressconifer branches we are willing to part with. email to schedule a datetime